1031 Exchange Execution Strategy

Tax-free exchanges are a powerful tool that can greatly accelerate capital (equity) growth. The fundamental question is when and how best to use them. We can help you put hard numbers to this option.

First and foremost, there should be a clear-cut "strategic reason". The second critical element is the structuring and facilitation. When planned properly and supported with proper language (provisions) in the purchase and sale agreements of all involved properties, the risks of a failed exchange can be all but eliminated.

Take, for example the following situation below, in which a client wanted to exchange eight smaller properties for a single, larger apartment building. This would appear to be a difficult task, involving the extremely unlikely sequence of selling multiple, smaller properties and purchasing a single, larger one, within the fairly tight time constraints of 1031 regulations. However, there are ways to bend and extend the timeline to comfortably complete a 1031 that very few investors (or their brokers) exploit.

Our Process For 1031 Exchange

Realty Yield Process for 1031 Exchange

To view detail process for Realty Yield's 1031 Exchange services, please download the PDF document below:

Multiple Disposition IRC 1031 Exchange Process and Timeline Multiple Disposition IRC 1031 Exchange Process and Timeline (127 KB)

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our 1031 Exchange Services

He's a great guy to work with. Mike and I hit it off the minute we met in 2002 and I have all the trust in the world in him and I think that's very important for this line of work. I wouldn't work with anybody else.

He does a great job with complex 1031 Exchanges. He sold all eight of my smaller apartment properties simultaneously and made sure they all closed at the proper time. At the same time he was selling my current properties he identified a larger replacement property. This advance planning eliminated the stress that often goes along with completing 1031 Exchanges. I don’t know of any other Broker that has the experience and expertise to competently execute an exchange with this many properties. I know he has done the same for many other clients.

A+ on Mike's investment analysis skills. I've never had anybody do as in-depth of analysis as Mike did. His knowledge is greater than anybody I know and he's always doing research and learning. Mike is a good confidence builder.

I have been working with Mike since 2002. He is the driving force behind the investment real estate strategies implemented leading to our wealth gain over the last 8 years. He has handled all of our significant transactions and loans. When I contacted Mike in late 2008 and told him I thought I wanted to retire and sell my properties, he actually talked me out of it. How many brokers have you ever met that passed on a significant commission because he knew the market timing was not right? He told me the same thing again in 2009. If this doesn’t show his integrity and prove that he always has his client’s best interest in mind, I don’t know what does. I will act when he tells me its time.

Linda Gagle     2002 - Current

Mike Carlson and his company are great - very professional, experienced and comfortable to work with. They took me, a private investor, and calmly, carefully and completely took me through the whole purchase process - analysis of my portfolio, investment scenarios, identification and purchase of appropriate properties and follow-up management. I couldn't have done it without them!

Mike’s analysis and technical abilities is top drawer! Carlson is a master at sophisticated computer real estate analysis. He knows how to evaluate portfolios and properties to determine the best investment strategy.

Mike Carlson’s brokerage and negotiation skills are very polished and effective. As an experienced professional, Carlson did a much better job representing my interests than I could have myself.

Mike’s handling of my 1031 Exchange couldn't have been less stress free. Carlson made my sale contingent upon first finding suitable exchange property. I had plenty of time to find just the right new property.

Make no mistake about it; there is a distinct advantage in utilizing an experienced financing liaison. Carlson not only found good properties but also good financing. He made the entire deal work!

John B     2003 - Current