Buyer's Agent

First Time Real Estate Investors

Thinking About Investing in Real Estate For the First Time? With interest rates at record lows and some great buys in the real estate marketplace, a lot of analysts are recommending real estate as a sensible component of an investment portfolio.

I certainly think that’s the case, since I’ve spent the last few decades seeing a lot more money being made than lost in the real estate market.

However, I also understand the hesitation first-time real estate investors can have. I’m not going to try to convince anyone who isn’t comfortable with real estate to get into it. But, I can help you analyze your situation to see if real estate investment might be a good fit for you.

Some clients feel they have too much money in stocks and look to real estate to provide more portfolio diversification. Some have inherited money that they’re not sure what to do with.

Whatever your situation, I will give you my honest opinion. If I don’t think real estate is right for you I’ll try to steer you away from it. If you think real estate is a good plan I’ll help you find the kind of real estate that’s right for you; single family, multi-family, small plexes, Real Estate Investment Trusts, etc.

I may not make a nickel on any of the options you choose, but I’ll help you just the same. I have many clients that I helped greatly who end up circling back to me years later. Yes, I like to make money as much as anyone. But I’m always going to put your best interests above any fees I may receive from my relationship with you.

Testimonials from First Time Real Estate Investors

Analysis skills..."Mike has been what I was looking for in a commercial realtor. He has the unique ability to apply financial numbers to a project and not let the emotions of a property cloud the analysis. His years of experience were valuable when looking at Cap Rates and ROI. These are important definitions and Mike really knows how to explain and evaluate each. Patience and clarity from Mike have kept me in the hunt for additional income producing properties.

Value as buyer's agent..."Working with Mike has always been about good communication and he does a great job. When you do finally find a property worth pursuing he is not pressuring you to make the offer and get the commission. It's more about the long-term relationship. He reassured me that if he does a good job on this deal I will probably be back for more and sure enough I am in the hunt again.

My experience as a first time investment property buyer..."I thought the whole process of picking an income property would be easy, especially in a down market. This is not the case. Be ready for a cautious and lengthy endeavor. Mike has been willing to put in the time to analyze and pursue quality properties. His experience is invaluable because what looks good on a cut sheet is not always as it seems. It saves time to use a person like Mike who knows what good prospects look like.

My perception going in versus coming out..."I bought my first investment property in November 2009 and sure enough I had some issues with the tenant right away. I called Mike hoping to get some insight and he was willing and helpful. In the end, his counsel helped navigate a tricky situation. It is refreshing to be able to call him and talk to a real person who has years of experience.

Mike's skills as a negotiator..."I have always been a bit skeptical of realtors and negotiation at deal time. But, I must say, Mike has built a trust with me and "keeps my cards close to his chest.

Mike thanks for all your hard work. You really saved my bacon. I almost lost a lot of money on this deal. Without your expertise and negotiation skills my property would have lost value. Keep up the great work. I enjoy working with you. Thanks again for all you do.

Clinton Latourrette     2008 - Current