Competitive Financing 

A common broker can only give you a common loan.  Your real estate investment strategy should feature the most competitive loan available, (from an interest rate perspective), with specific terms that properly align with your individual strategy.  You need more than a common broker.  You need a commercial financing resource.

Real Estate Investment Financing – Securing the best rates and terms 

If you are competing for lenders’ attention, you’ll never get the best rates and terms.  Unfortunately, If you work with a run-of-the-mill broker, or limit yourself to working with just one direct lender, you’ll likely struggle to get an approval with the best possible rates and terms.  Your loan should be of primary importance, not an afterthought, left to chance.  You simply can’t afford to be passive about it.

Most people aren’t comfortable negotiating terms with their real estate lenders. In addition to the interest rate, there are many other important terms that are negotiable, such as; loan amount (LTV); Pricing Spread/Margin; Reset Index and Margin; Prepayment Program/Penalty; Resource versus Non-Recourse, Assumable (yes/no); Loan and Processing Fees; and more. Failing to negotiate all of the critical parts of a loan will ultimately cost you a lot of money!  Fortunately, I am experienced at doing all this; I’ll do the negotiating for you.  As your commercial financing resource, I’ll make the lenders compete for you.  I’ll get you the best rates and terms, by collecting multiple offers from multiple lenders, and leveraging them against one another.

I’ve spent years building relationships with commercial banks, savings and loans, credit unions, private lenders, the Small Business Administration and others.  My experience and connections gives me the sophisticated knowledge-base to get you the best loan possible, from a substantial network of lenders, far more diverse and extensive than the average mortgage broker has access to.  As a result, my clients get the most competitive rates and terms possible.

Your financial future is riding on today’s sound decisions.  Don’t leave your loan to chance.  With my years of experience, I’ll get you a loan that no run-of-the-mill broker can match.

Competitive Investment Property Financing

When I was first contacted by Mike Carlson in 2004 we had already started the refinance process on one of our properties and had been told our requested loan amount could not be obtained. Not only did Mike Carlson secure the desired loan amount, he ultimately secured it through the lender that had already told us no.

We have owned several mid-sized investment properties for many years. I thought we had the financing and refinancing process figured out. I have since learned otherwise. Mike Carlson is much more than a mortgage broker. He is a full service financing resource. His services have proven to be invaluable.

Mike Carlson has shown us that the rate, terms and loan amount of a commercial loan can be effectively "negotiated". Anyone would be well served in utilizing his services.

When it comes to knowledge of investment property financing Mike Carlson is at the top of my list.

Mike Carlson's financial/investment analysis skills are impressive. Whether looking to secure a commercial loan or strategizing about investment real estate in general he is a great resource.

Glen Davis     2004 - Current