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Realty Yield is your complete commercial-investment real estate service provider.

Income-Producing Property Investment Strategies

Income-producing Properties in Portland, Oregon

At Realty Yield, we want your investments to succeed.  All investors need a plan, whether your goal is capital (equity) growth, maximum cash flow, tax benefits or any combination thereof. Effective real estate investing requires a strategic approach, and, "Buying, Holding and Hoping" is just not an intelligent strategy.

Other Real Estate Investment Firms can’t give you the guidance you need, because to them, your investments are just a brief buy/sell moment. At Realty Yield, we know that lasting wealth comes from making the right decisions between the time when you buy and when you sell. It’s knowing what to do in these moments that sets us apart.

By working with us you’ll benefit, no matter what your needs, whether you are looking to buy, sell, complete a 1031 exchange, secure a commercial loan, consult on investment real estate/portfolio performance improvement strategies, or execute a tax favorable exit strategy at retirement.

Custom-tailored strategies

Mike Carlson, founder of Realty Yield, personally spearheads every client engagement and serves as your single point of contact.  As a well-known expert in income-property investment strategies and finance, Mike’s keen insight, extensive experience, and custom-tailored planning have grown a loyal clientele dating back more than 15 years.  This personalized attention is what differentiates Realty Yield from other, volume-focused brokerage houses, and sets your investments ahead of the rest.

Four Engines that drive the return on investment

Sources of Gain 

Four engines drive the return on apartment investments. 

Equity Growth 

As inflation and demand drive up rents, the real market value of an apartment complex increases. When it is sold, the return is taken on the property’s total value, both the original investment and the portion under mortgage. 

Tax Benefits Depreciation allowances on buildings and personal property of the business create an accounting expense which can reduce the tax liabilities of investors. 

Debt Reduction 

As part of the operating expense paid by monthly rental income, the mortgage is paid down, increasing owner/investor equity in the property. 

Cash Flow 

The rental business generates a monthly cash flow which, after the bills, taxes, and mortgage are paid, typically provides a profit for distribution to owners/investors.

Source Credit: Westland Apartment Investors

Types of Clients We Help

  • New investors buying their first property
  • Experienced investors wanting to build their portfolios
  • Sophisticated investors seeking to optimize returns and accelerate capital growth
  • Troubled or desperate investors who may have given up hope of salvaging their real estate portfolios
  • Sellers that understand achieving the highest possible sale price takes more than posting a pretty brochure on a commercial listing website
  • Buyers/Current Owners who want to secure financing that best matches their income producing real estate investment objectives and risk tolerance (financing/debt should be viewed as strategic, not as an afterthought)
  • Frustrated borrowers who’ve been told they can’t refinance their investment properties at their desired loan-to-value/rate/terms, forcing them to miss out on today’s record low interest rates
  • Retiring investors who need to structure tax‚Äźadvantaged sales that will carry them comfortably through retirement

Does one of these categories describe you? Discuss your situation today with Mike Carlson, Founder of Realty Yield today.